The ETS BuzzLion for the Week of July 15

A look at what has ETS staff abuzz and gets people talking for the week of July 15…..

Cole Camplese talks about the fear of Web 2.0 and why it is misplaced.

“The article, ‘Facing Web 2.0 Fear in the Enterprise’, paints a picture that we all need to understand what is happening in this space and we really ought to embrace it because it is critical to communicate, collaboration is key and our future colleagues are growing up with it.”

Dave Stong talks about the iPhone and some of its unique CSS challenges.

“iPhone is sized kind of like a handheld, it functions kind of like a handheld, but it doesn’t display like a handheld since its screen is wider. Safari on an iPhone is an adult scale browser with robust capabilities.”

Tim Perry looks at pros and cons of the iPhone after three weeks of ownership.

“I am still a bit irritated at some of the features, but I believe with a few software/firmware updates (ARE YOU LISTENING APPLE!?) that some of the bugs will be worked out.”

Wendy Mahan discovered that Penn State’s library services and the iPhone is a match made in heaven.

“First, I was able to use CAT to locate a book, a specific journal, and an e-journal using both the basic and advance search (drop down menu makes scrolling half-screen appear)…..To locate a specific full-text article, I was connected to the Ebscohost Professional Development database. I located the article by entering the year, volume, issue and starting page. Once the article was located, I had the option of downloading a PDF or emailing it.”

Gary Chinn talks about his work redesigning a Penn State algebra course

“The main issue that the department is looking to address is the diverse skill levels of the students in the course; it’s too difficult to teach to the ends of the spectrum simultaneously.”

Mary Janzen tells us when the next ANGEL Town Halls will occur and encourages us to register today.

Did you know you can create mock Web sites in ANGEL? Allan Gyorke tells you how.

“John Harwood was asking for some ways that he could have teams of students in his course create mock Web sites. I told him that this could be done using Team File Space in ANGEL. I wrote this summary, which I thought might be helpful, especially the part where teams can share their file space with the rest of their class (an obscure, but useful feature).”

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