Grading & Assessment

Measures of Learning: How will you know the students learned?


The Best Choice .... according to the experts

Daniel & Cox, 2002 – "Assessment refers to any process that measures what students have learned"

Erwin, 1991. p. 15 – "Assessment is the process of defining, selecting, designing, collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and using information to increase students' learning and development. It includes discussions about what should be assessed and how information will be used, not just hands on testing of students."


  • At the time you plan a course or a lesson, you need to determine how you will know students are learning.
  • It is helpful for students to get feedback early and often on whether the work they are doing for the course is appropriate.
  • "Simply testing an isolated skill or a retained fact does not effectively measure a student's capabilitiess"(Funderstanding,2001)
  • Assessment can provide faculty and students with information and insights needed to improve teaching and learning.