Question Writing Resources & Tools

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Do questions match course objectives?

Web sites on writing questions

Web sites on using questions in teaching

ANGEL group on "engaging students" including ways to use questions

Join the ANGEL group: Engaging Students in Learning and Managing Them Efficiently. This is a "location" where you can read about some effective practices.

Directions to join group:

  1. Log on to ANGEL at
  2. Use the “Group Search” link in the left frame or the “Find a Group” link under “My Groups.” Type the word “engaging” into the “Keyword Search” text box.
  3. When you see the “ANGEL: Engaging Students in Learning” group listed, select the “Enroll (no PIN required)” link. 
  4. From your ANGEL Profile, select the “ANGEL: Engaging Students in Learning” group where you can learn many tips for engaging students and managing the outcomes.

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Special thanks to the Schreyer Institute for their contributions to these pages.