Planning Effective Lesson Content

What is a Good Lesson?


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Cotter, 2001 – "The following components [are] clearly in evidence [for a good lesson]: introduction and anticipatory set, clear instructional objective, substantive content, modeling of desired outcomes, check for student understanding, guided analogous practice, independent practice, and closure."


  • Faculty will know they are providing a high-quality teaching experience.
  • Students will learn more effectively and more efficiently.

Basic Information


What do instructors think is a good lesson?

  • Clearly expressed instructional goals/objectives
  • Well planned, paced and organized
  • Clearly communicates to the students the desired outcomes
  • Utilizes appropriate teaching and learning strategies
  • Accommodates for different student learning styles
  • Utilizes technology in a meaningful and competent manner
  • Motivates and actively engages students to learn
  • Periodically checks for student understanding
  • Monitors and evaluates student performance
  • Provides timely feedback to students
  • Provides a summary of the lesson

What do students think is a good lesson?

  • Knows what the instructor is trying to accomplish in the lesson.
  • Understands what criteria the instructor will use to assess them.
  • Knows how they are doing throughout the course.
  • The instructor expresses his/her ideas clearly.
  • Content is easy to understand, or appropriate guidance is provided for complex and difficult tasks.
  • Course is well paced.
  • Lessons provide new and supportive content.
  • Content can be integrated with previously learned concepts.
  • Knowledge learned can help the students with future careers.
  • Does not have excessive or useless work
  • Is interesting, stimulating, challenging and motivating.


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