Revision of Recommended Syllabus Content from Mon, 01/21/2008 - 11:12

A complete syllabus includes:

  • General Course Information
  • Course Goals and Objectives
  • Course Requirements

A complete syllabus should also have a collaborative tone and a quality look and feel.

Course Information

Answers the student’s questions: So who are you, what’s this class about, and what do I need to know about and/or to buy?

Course Title

Full Name
Office Location (include map link if online)
Office Phone, Email, Office Fax
Home Phone (optional)
Web Site (include link if online)

Class Location
Days, Times (include map link if online)
Lab Location if relevant
Days, Times
Texts, Readings (required and supplemental) materials, Online Sites

Course Goals and Objectives

Answers the student’s questions: What will I learn in this class? What will I be tested on?

Course Requirements

Answers the student’s question: So what will I have to DO in here in order to do well in the class?