Factual Questions

Questions that extract factual knowledge and information

Frame factual questions to target factual information needed for recall or restatement of concepts. In factual questions, the student is NOT asked to compare or relate material or make any inductive or deductive leaps.

Use of factual questions

Use factual questions to draw out factual answers, check recall, or recognize critical information.

Key Crafting Words
  • Who, what, why, when, where
  • Match, select
  • Describe, define
  • Omit, which one; which is the best one, how much
  • Cite, label, list, state
  • And so on.

When did the United States enter World War II?

Technology and Rationale

Factual recall implies immediate dexterity with information so your online strategy should be synchronous in nature (e.g., create an online quiz with short answers or matching or provide Q&A in a chat room).

These online techniques can help students review online for a test, help students stay updated on reading assignments, or gauge student preparation/understanding of text information.