March All ID Meeting - More Info

Just a reminder - March 7. 10 AM, Room 202K Rider II Univ. Pk. is our next All ID meeting. You can also join us via Adobe Connect at .

Carol McQuiggan will be talking about a faculty needs assessment she and Ann Taylor ran some time ago. This one's focused on pedagogy. I'd like us to discuss the possibility of revising this assessment so we can run it again with our faculty. It would have generic and campus/college specific questions, so we'd all have to pitch in on the survey revision.

I've been looking for a project we could all work on together as PSU Instructional Designers. This one holds great promise. It starts at the beginning of an ID process - defining needs, and will give us information FROM FACULTY we can use to develop training, programs, presentations, etc.

Carole did send out two documents on Feb 4 to the IDLOUNGE you really should look at before the meeting. I've attached the Powerpoint here, but can't post the other article. Here's the info on it:

P - Milloy, P.M. & Brooke, C. (2004) Beyond bean counting: making faculty development needs assessment more meaningful, pp. 71-94. To Improve the Academy: Resources for Faculty, Instructional, and Organizational Development, Blossey, S.C. (Ed.), Robvertson, D.R. (Assoc. Ed). POD Network. Boston: Ankor Publishing Company, Inc.