Learning Design Community Meeting for Dec 2010

Learning Design Podcast #1. December 3, 2010
Chris Stubbs discusses his work with faculty fellow Laura Guertin exploring Google Earth for teaching and learning
Allan Gyorke discusses the community engagement video initiative leading up to the 2011 symposium
Jeff Swain updates the community on the status of the LMS pilots undertaken as part of the exploration of the future of eLearning at Penn State

EdTech Podcast #2: Is Media Crap?

EdTech Podcast #2: Media is Crap?
Brian & I look at the role media plays in teaching & learning. How does the choice of media shape the meaning of the message? How does media influence pedagogical strategy? Does it matter which form of media is used to deliver content?

EdTech Podcast #1: The Human-Technology Ecosystem

In our initial episode we talk about the Human Technology Ecosystem. I’m referring to the interaction that occurs when human beings use technology to express themselves and to communicate with others. This interaction is twofold: Between people with technology serving as the medium, or part of the medium for discourse, and between people and the technology they are using. In all instances each component, as well as other components that are situation dependent, is needed to make possible and sustain the other.

Learning the Art of Web design with High Market Value

Contrary to popular belief, learning design has so much evolved to encompass the design value of a web site. Aesthetics is not enough. The real worth of a good design is measured by the flow of patrons to their site.

Web design companies are looking for an implicit value in the true sense of the word. The design must not only be search engine friendly but also communicates well to establish an online presence.

DCMA Exemptions Published for 2010

The latest exemption from the DCMA is jaibreaking - that means if you jailbreak your mobile device, you can't be sued for copyright infringement. Other exemptions allowed by the Library of Congress include disabling security for media to be played over a screen reader, media on a device with an outdated dongle, film DVDs for educators/documentary makers and security on games.

See details on:

Modem Pool to be Discontinued July 1

From ITS

"Information Technology Services (ITS) would like to remind students, faculty, and staff that the University Park 814-863/865-2222 modem pool will be terminated on July 1, 2010, during the regularly scheduled maintenance window (5:00-7:00 a.m.)"

For more details, see http://news.its.psu.edu/story-1215



Free EASI Webinar on Revisions to Section 508

Free Webinar: Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on Section 508
2 hours: Monday, May 24 combining 90-minutes of panel and 30-minutes of Q &
Pacific time: 11-1
Mountain time: 12-2
Central time: 1-3
Eastern time: 2-4

Presenters: Susan Mazrui, Larry Goldberg, Jim Tobias and Gregg Vanderheiden
The Webinar will be captioned thanks to the kindness of AT&T

Sections 255 and 508 are the federal regulations that require accessible

Great Student Plagiarism/Intellectual Property Resource from UCLA

UCLA has a nice student tutorial on copyright, plagiarism and organizing research tasks at http://www.library.ucla.edu/bruinsuccess/

Good information, but accessible. Plus you can see how Carlos and Eddie navigate the modern academic maze.


Publish Presenter with Audio and Quiz as PDF

I learned a new trick today (proving beyond a doubt that you actually CAN teach an old dog new tricks! :-) )

I can create a narrated PowerPoint presentation with quiz questions using the Adobe Presenter PowerPoint plugin and publish it as a PDF.  It retains the narration and the quiz works.  Since audio works, I'm guessing that embedded video would work as well. 

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