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EdTech podcast no. 14

Brian & I just got back from the CIC TechForum Conference held at the University of Illinois. We led a session with the topic theme of "The LMS is Dead. Long Live the LMS." The session was based off of an earlier podcast of ours discussion the future of the LMS, "The Baby & The Bath Water."

TLT Symposium Faculty Stories

I'm checking the TLT Symposium site in preparation for the upcoming event. One resource a lot of people may find useful is the TLT Faculty Stories.


It has several case studies for new techniques such as podcasting, video and blogging, you might want to read some case studies at the 2008 TLT Symposium Conference site. You'll see lots of different examples with detailed notes on what they did.

Even if you can't make the conference, this could be really helpful.

Apple Releases Statement on Accessibility in iTunes

There has been concern in recent weeks about the accessibility of iTunes, so Apple has released a PDF statement at


The big news is that iTunes 7.1 (March 2008) now includes VoiceOver compatibility which should allow most screen readers to access the iTunes menus/navigation. I haven't tested this, so I can't verify functionality.

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