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Using YouTube for Instruction

This is more of an intro to YouTube - just the basics of obtaining an account, etc. Still, a nice toll to add to your toolkit to send to faculty if they are interested:


Ironic that it's not on YouTube, don't you think?

Collegian Reports on UMN Facebook Study reporting "Improved Communication Skills"

From http://www.collegian.psu.edu/archive/2008/08/06/study_facebook_improves_commun.aspx

"In a recent study conducted by University of Minnesota's Christine Greenhow, a learning technologies researcher from the College of Education and Human Development, students using social networking Web sites are practicing the 21st century skills needed to be successful in today's society.

Social Ratings Hot Team Paper Posted

ETS has a new hot teams paper on Social Ratings at http://ets.tlt.psu.edu/hot-team/hot-team-social-ratings/

Social rating tools are those which allow users to rate content of items in a "repository" (e.g. a book on Amazon, a song on iTunes, a blog news post). Other users can rely on the aggregate results to determine what the overall opnion of an item. For instance, I may pick a week-end movie based on reactions from other viewers on opening weekend. For me this ties in to the aggregate decision making models discussed in The Wisdom of Crowds

50 Ways Seeks 150 Examples

If you have examples, send them to Alan at the link below! A great guy with a great idea.


Two Penn State Wiki Services

We might not be quite ready for prime time in terms of wikis...but there are two Penn State options that may help.

Wikispaces (Faculty/Staff only) - https://wikispaces.psu.edu/
This is a fairly robust ITS pilot and is being used by several ITS projects. The main audience is faculty and staff, but you can open your wiki space to students via UMGs (User Managed Groups)

Sloan-C International Symposium on Emerging Technology Applications

Sloan-C International Symposium on Emerging Technology Applications for Online Learning- Register Today

Web 2.0 Glossary

Thanks to the TLT Symposium Team for letting us repurpose this glossary.

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