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Experience with teaching statistics online?


Is there anyone out there that has any experience with designing an online statistics course?  Also, do you happen to have any learning object resources or websites for statistical elements that could be utilized in an online course?

Any help would be appreciated!

Journal of Online Learning and Teaching

Journal of Online Learning and Teaching

More and more educators may wish to get involved with online teaching
initiatives, but they may not be sure where to start. That's where the
Journal of Online Learning and Teaching (JOLT) steps in to provide a bit of
assistance. JOLT is published four times a year, and its objectives are to
enable faculty to use technology effectively in teaching and learning and
also to enable academic programs to design and deploy academic technology.

Instructional Strategies for Blended & Online Learning Conference

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To teach well in the online environment, instructors need to explore new pedagogical options and craft learning activities that fit the medium. Instructional strategies that have evolved in classrooms and lecture halls typically have minimal success in online instruction.

Font Faces for the Web

The Best Choice...according to the experts

Recommended fonts include

Online Communication Options

The Best Choice .... according to the experts

Takimoto-Makarczyk (1999) – "Incorporating effective interaction is central for a successful online learning experience.... In both [online learning and the traditional classroom experience], interaction is critical for successful learning."

Good Online Lesson

The Best Choice .... according to the experts

Competencies for Online Instructors

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Online Content

Lecture Notes on the Web

This page discusses the issues of placing lecture notes for traditional face-to-face classes online and how it may or may not affect attendance.

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