What is SCOLA?

SCOLA, World TV online

"SCOLA is a non-profit educational organization that provides authentic foreign language resources in more than 175 native languages. SCOLA receives and re-transmits television programming from around the world in native languages. "

Penn State has licensed access to a variety of SCOLA resources including a live stream of its Channel One (Europe) program.
Note: At the University Park campus, the 24/7 SCOLA television broadcast is available to the Penn State community on channel 96 of the Penn State cable television network.

On the SCOLA Web site, Penn State currently has subscriptions to:

  • Live Stream of World TV Online (all Channels)
  • Insta-Class - lesson plans based on recorded programs
  • Foreign Text non-English newspaper archive
  • People and Places photo gallery (photos can be downloaded)
  • On the Street - video interviews with a "person on the street"

Not all services are licensed at this time.

Who may use SCOLA?

Any Penn State community member who has an active Access Account ID and password may use the resources available at the SCOLA Web site.

Visit the SCOLA Log in page to access SCOLA.

What are some good uses for SCOLA materials?

SCOLA programs provide a wide range of multicultural materials that can be used in many different courses such as:

  • Videos can be used to develop listening skills in foreign languages
  • Videos can also provide cultural context for different foreign languages
  • The People and Places photo gallery can be used to privide images relevant to cultures outside the United States
  • Videos with translation can be used to show how the news is presented outside the United States

How do I access the resources?

Visit the SCOLA Log in page to learn how to access SCOLA.

Sharing materials downloaded from the site

You may share the materials from the SCOLA site with any member of the Penn State community. Scenarios include.

  • Instructors may use materials in a face to face class
  • Students may use materials for course presentations
  • Text and images may be uploaded to Penn State password protected areas such as ANGEL
  • Links to videos can also be shared within Penn State.
    Note: Consider file space when considering how to share downloaded video. ANGEL course space may be too limited.

To learn more about SCOLA, visit their public site at http://www.scola.org/.